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This Korean raw silk short shirt boasts an embroidered base intricately adorned with handwork, creating a stunning visual effect. It's paired with a skinny shalwar for a chic and comfortable look. The organza dupatta, embellished with embroidery and handwork, is stylishly draped and stitched to perfection, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the ensemble.
Rs 49,000


An exquisite fusion of artistry and elegance. The Korean raw silk shirt, adorned with intricately embroidered borders, sleeves, and neckline, showcases meticulous craftsmanship. Paired with plain raw silk Korean pants, it exudes simplicity and sophistication. The pure organza-shaded dupatta, heavily embroidered and block printed, adds a touch of opulence and completes this timeless look. Shirt Lenght - 48 inches Pants Lenght - 36 inches
Rs 68,000


This Korean raw silk shirt is a canvas of artistry, with its embroidered mustard base intricately hand worked with tilla, sequins, and threadwork. The naqshi detailing adds a touch of finesse to the design. Paired with a sequined dupatta and signtaure pants, this ensemble radiates elegance and charm, making it a perfect choice for any special occasion. The price is for both the shirt and pants. The length of the shirt is 58 inches and pants is 36 inches.
Rs 48,000


Elegance personified! This Ferozi Korean raw silk shirt is a true masterpiece, adorned with a lavish display of Swarovski crystals that catch every eye. It's thoughtfully paired with culottes for comfort and style. Completing the ensemble is a pure organza hand worked dupatta, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this timeless outfit. The length of the shirt is 33 inches and culottes is 36 inches.
Rs 72,000


The black soft cotton organza fabric lends a luxurious touch to the ensemble, offering a soft and lustrous texture that drapes beautifully. The intricate ivory embroidery on the neckline and sleeves adds a touch of grace and sophistication, creating a visually stunning contrast against the black fabric.
*The length of the shirt is 45.

Rs 33,000


The yellow scallop’s shirt is made of organza and features intricate sitara detailing on the sides. It has a high collar neckline with sequins finish, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance. The sleeves are hand-embellished with sequins, providing intricate detailing and a beautiful finish. The smooth texture of the fabric adds a luxurious touch to the ensemble.
*The length of the shirt is 48.

Rs 52,000


The shirt has a beautiful gradient effect, transitioning from one shade of pink to another. It is adorned with hand-embellished Swarovski crystals on the hem and neckline, adding a touch of sparkle and luxury. The sleeves feature scallops, which provide a unique and stylish element to the design. The dupatta, you've selected an ivory organza fabric. It is embellished with silk applique all around, creating a delicate and intricate design. The dupatta is finished with Swarovski crystals, adding a luxurious and eye-catching detail.
*The length of the shirt is 47.

Rs 42,000


Indulge in the epitome of contemporary elegance with our Korean silk digital print shirt with scalloped damaan and skinny shalwar. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ensemble embodies sophistication, modernity, and artistic finesse.
*The length of the shirt is 36.

Rs 29,500


The shirt and pants are made of Korean silk and feature a vibrant digital print, giving a modest and stylish appearance. The digital print adds a modern and artistic touch to the outfit, with its colorful and eye-catching design. The organza dupatta complements the shirt and pants and is adorned with digital and screen-printed borders. It is suitable for casual or semi-formal occasions where you want to make a stylish statement.
*The length of the shirt is 48.

Rs 28,000


The red tomato cotton net shirt is enhanced with exquisite embroidery. The shirt features side slits with embroidered patches and Sitara finishes, adding beautiful detail to the overall design. The round neckline adds a classic and timeless touch to the shirt.
*The length of the shirt is 47.

Rs 58,000


The soft cotton organza shirt is adorned with Swarovski crystal embellishments on the sleeves, adding a touch of glamour. The cotton silk fabric provides a comfortable and luxurious feel to the outfit. The plain cotton pants offer a simple and versatile bottom that complements the detailed shirt.
The organza dupatta features a tie and dye pattern, adding a vibrant and artistic touch to the outfit.
*The length of the shirt is 45.

Rs 34,000


“Darya” is an incredible timeless ensemble featuring a Korean silk green shirt with hand-embellished beads and pearl booti all over the front along with pearl tassels on the neckline. A perfect ensemble for the statement look to put forward this festive season
Rs 33,000

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