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Step into style with our raw silk kurta adorned with screen prints on the front and back. The loose silhouette brings comfort, while pearls and mirror lace finish on the daman and sleeves add a touch of elegance. Pair it effortlessly with a screen-printed Korean raw silk pant and an organza net dupatta featuring delicate chan, creating a chic ensemble that seamlessly blends comfort with sophistication.
Rs 44,500


Drape yourself in opulence with our organza shirt featuring intricately embroidered gota and mirror work laces on the daman and sleeves. The gold mirror work lace finish on the neckline adds a regal touch. Paired with a complementary organza dupatta boasting gold block print and lace finish on all four sides, and a sleek raw silk pant, this ensemble exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.
Rs 41,000

Mehr Mah

Experience the allure of our raw silk ensemble, featuring an array of embroidery and appliqué motifs across the shirt, including a beautifully embroidered neckline. The laser-cut borders on the sleeves provide a contemporary edge, while the ensemble is completed with silk pants and an organza dupatta boasting a laser-cut finish on the pallu. Embrace the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern detailing.
Rs 47,500


Illuminate your style with our yellow organza shirt featuring a Swarovski motif on the neckline and Swarovski chan detailing on the cuff sleeves. The ensemble is completed with an organza dupatta adorned with Swarovski chan motifs on all four sides and silk border finishing, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Embrace the elegance of Swarovski embellishments in this radiant ensemble.
Rs 42,000


Elevate your style with our silk ensemble featuring a shirt adorned with Swarovskis, pearls, and handmade triangles along the neckline, embellished daman, and organza appliqué. Paired with culottes in raw silk for a modern touch. The ensemble is completed with an organza dupatta boasting ruffles and Swarovski chan, adding a touch of opulence to your look.
Rs 47,000


Indulge in the allure of this raw silk ensemble, a delightful pink shirt adorned with intricate embroidery. The sleeves boast a stylish digital print border finish, adding a touch of modern elegance. Complemented with pants and a luxurious digital print silk dupatta creating a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The length of the shirt is 47 inches.
Rs 46,500


Step into sophistication with this black shirt adorned with intricate white aari embroidery, gracing both the shirt and sleeves. The sleeves further captivate with a digital border finish, adding a modern flair to the ensemble. Paired seamlessly with plain black pants, the outfit exudes timeless elegance. Elevate the look with an organza dupatta featuring a delicate digital print border all around, providing a perfect balance of tradition and contemporary style. The length of the shirt is 49 inches.
Rs 30,000


Elevate your style with an enchanting emerald green long kaftan, adorned with exquisite hand embellishments. The kaftan features glistening crystal drops, Swarovski elements, and sitara detailing all over, adding a touch of opulence to its silhouette and sleeves. Embrace a look of timeless glamour and sophistication in this meticulously crafted piece. The length of the kaftan is 58 inches.
Rs 59,000


Dress in refined elegance with a navy blue raw silk long shirt, adorned with intricate embroidery appliqué on side slits and daman, adding a touch of sophistication to its silhouette. The neckline features delicate embroidery, enhancing the shirt's overall allure. Complete the ensemble with an organza dupatta, showcasing embroidery along the borders for a perfect blend of style and grace. The length of the shirt is 48 inches.
Rs 54,000


Indulge in pure luxury with an exquisite pure organza silk ensemble featuring delicate embroidery on the shirt sides and sleeves, creating an ethereal and sophisticated aesthetic. The ensemble is perfectly complemented by cotton pants adorned with matching embroidery, ensuring a harmonious balance of elegance and comfort. Embrace timeless style with this meticulously crafted combination that seamlessly blends opulence and simplicity. The front length of the shirt is 31 inches and back length is 34 inches. The pants length is 36 inches.
Rs 52,000


Drape yourself in elegance with a mesmerizing organza silk tie-and-dye shirt, featuring intricate tilla embroidery on the neckline, adding a touch of regality. Paired with plain cotton pants, the ensemble exudes understated sophistication. Elevate the look with an organza net dupatta, adorned with tie-and-dye patti all around and embroidery on all sides, creating a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary style. The length of the shirt is 46 inches and the pants length is 36 inches.
Rs 30,000


Elevate your wardrobe with a chic silk shirt, adorned with exquisite embroidery on the neckline, sleeves, daman, and slits, exuding timeless sophistication. Tassels gracefully accentuate the slits, adding a playful touch to the ensemble. Paired harmoniously with shaded organza dupatta featuring delicate embroidery and culottes, this ensemble effortlessly combines elegance and modern flair for a distinctive look. The length of the shirt is 40 inches and the culottes length is 36 inches.
Rs 48,000

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